A Frictionless Surface

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8 thoughts on “ A Frictionless Surface

  1. Mikajind
    The simplest nearly frictionless surface is the air hockey table. This is done commercially with pallet-like devices which glide effortlessly around. Look for air pallets, air floats, and similar sorts of keywords. Friction, in most cases, is highly dependent on gravity, so in free-fall this simply won’t exist.
  2. Meztijind
    m. Draw a free-body diagram to identify the forces acting along the axis of motion (the ramp’s surface): Where F N is the normal force, F G is the force of gravity (F G = ma G = mg on Earth’s surface), and F F is the force of friction. The two forces acting along the ramp’s axis are the force of friction and the horizontal (or x) component of the gravitational force.
  3. Sasar
    Mar 25,  · On a completely frictionless surface, something as simple as a person blowing air from his mouth would allow for movement. By pushing the air one way, a person or an object is sent in the opposite direction. The same sort of thing would .
  4. Mekree
    Oct 14,  · On a frictionless surface, a block of mass M moving at speed υ collides elastically with another block of same mass M which is initially at rest. After collision the first block moves at an angle θ to its initial direction and has a speed υ3. The second block's speed after the collision is.
  5. Arashilabar
    Feb 29,  · Basically friction is caused by electromagnetic interactions between the atoms of the two objects. I quess that in theory, you could have two objects that consist of atoms which have the same electric charge. In that case they should repel each other, thus leading to a frictionless surface (but even in that case only between the two objects).
  6. Mazahn
    Sep 05,  · Wet-ice on wet-ice is the closest easily accessible frictionless surface. Its not zero, but its low enough that you can have fun gliding things around on it. Curling rinks are also pretty good. Eventually you'll need active systems like an air hockey table.
  7. Yogami
    One of the insights that comes from the setup of this problem is that the force required to push a mass m up a frictionless incline is equal to mgsinθ. Checking the limiting cases, you find that it takes no force along a horizontal frictionless surface (θ=0), and a force = mg on a vertical frictionless surface (θ=90°) as you would expect.
  8. Vucage
    The frictionless plane is a concept from the writings of Galileo Galilei. In his The Two New Sciences, Galileo presented a formula that predicted the motion of an object moving down an inclined plane. His formula was based upon his past experimentation with free-falling bodies.

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